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Cider & Perry

One of CAMRA's secondary focusses is real cider & perry. Real Cider is produced naturally from apples and neither pasturised nor carbonated. Real Perry is identical to Real Cider, except that it is made of pears instead of apples.

Where can I get real cider in Southern Hampshire?

We have two producers of real cider in Southern Hampshire. You should be able to buy cider direct from both of them:

Unfortunately we don't have many pubs that we know always sell real cider. If you know of any then please let us know about pubs which always sell cider! The pubs that we do know about are:

  Pub Ciders & Perries sold
Platform Tavern, Platform Road, Southampton Westons - Old Rosie
The Rockstone, Onslow Road, Bevois Valley, Southampton 146 Cider - Hampshire Heritage, Wild West and Eastern Delight
Giddy Bridge, London Road, Southampton Westons - Old Rosie or Organic Vintage
Standing Order, High Street, Southampton Westons - Old Rosie or Organic Vintage
Park Inn, Shirley Park Road, Shirley, Southampton Westons - Old Rosie
King & Queen, Hamble Westons - First Quality
South Western Arms, Adelaide Road, St Denys, Southampton Westons - Old Rosie
Borough Arms, Lymington Mr Whitehead's - Equinox
Flowerpots Inn, Cheriton Westons - Old Rosie
The Gamekeeper, Woodlands Road, Ashurst Westons - Old Rosie
Cricketers, Carlton Place, Southampton Westons; or Mr Whiteheads
Wheatsheaf Inn, Botley Road, Shedfield Thatchers - Cheddar Valley
Hare & Hounds, Sway Mr Whiteheads - Heart of Hampshire
Waterloo Arms, Waterloo Road, Freemantle, Southampton One Guest Cider - often from Westons
Six Bells, 48 St Thomas Street, Lymington Gwynt y Ddraig - Black Dragon; Westons - Old Rosie; plus three others from a changing list


There's also a list of places in Hampshire that sell real cider on the website


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