Site History

All entries are in reverse chronological order (i.e. newest first). Previous website history details have been stored in the 2009 Archive, 2008 Archive, 2007 Archive, 2006 Archive, 2005 Archive, 2004 Archive, 2003 Archive, 2002 Archive, and 2001 & before Archive.

19/04/2014 Rather died a death this one. Today I've been adding the header function. (We've been forgetting to update history) Pete
05/05/2013 News item added, having added Hop Press #74 two days ago. (I've been forgetting to update history) Pete
21/12/2012 Beerfests update
Beerfests page converted to database driven
25/09/2012 Beerfests update + mailout Pete
14/09/2012 News updates - Shieldhall Presentaion & GBG launch added (inserted in historic order) Pete
14/09/2012 Beerfests update Pete
06/09/2012 Beerfests update + members & beerfests mailouts Pete
17/08/2012 Beerfests update Pete
08/08/2012 Beerfests update Pete
05/07/2012 Beerfests update Pete
08/07/2012 Diary update Pete
28/06/2012 Breweries & Locale map updates Pete
13/06/2012 Beerfests update Pete
06/06/2012 Beerfests update Pete
29/05/2012 Beerfests update Alex
28/05/2012 Beerfests update, + BeerFests mailout Pete
09/05/2012 May 2012 Hop Press added, including front page news snippet. Beerfests archived Pete
08/05/2012 Diary update Alex
07/05/2012 Diary update Alex
27/04/2012 Beerfests update Pete
02/04/2012 Diary update Pete
20/03/2012 Diary update Pete
07/03/2012 Beerfests update, + BeerFests mailout Pete
19/02/2012 Diary update & archive. Enhancements to the Pub of the Year page (it now confirms the pub that you've voted for). New Forest Pub Guide page updates. Alex
06/02/2012 Diary update & archive Alex
31/01/2012 Beerfests updated & diary archived Pete
23/01/2012 Diary update & archive Alex
20/01/2012 Beerfests update Pete
17/01/2012 Beerfests update Pete
05/01/2012 National links updated. ...campaigns/pubsweek commented out in campaigns index. Jolly Sailor index dead link 'Manifesto for Pub Preservation' left in pending HQ link correction [HQ susbsequently said information was out of date so link needs deleting]. Some other pubsweek links left in archive files but currently dead. Some other archive file links are dead - those with .asp in them plus Complete list of links saved as csv file in root. Pete
04/01/2012 BeerFests addition - Salisbury Winterfest. Diary update & 2012 archive started Pete
31/12/2011 Major Diary update. Created POTY2012 page. Other misc tweaks. Alex
19/12/2011 Minor Hop-press photo addition. Pete
06/12/2011 New Forest Pub Guide 'Updates' updated. Pete
05/12/2011 Diary & Beer Bus updates. Pete & Alex
01/12/2011 Diary update. Alex
28/11/2011 Diary update. Made tweak to the Branch Map page (linked from About Us). Alex
19/11/2011 Diary & Beerfests updates Pete
13/11/2011 LocAle page replaced with new database-driven version Alex
07/11/2011 Diary update and archiving. Alex
06/11/2011 Beer Festivals update Pete
31/10/2011 Added Platform Tavern Beer Festival (prelimiary information) Alex
03/10/2011 Beerfests Update - Running Horse, Alreford added Pete
30/09/2011 Diary Updates + diary 2011 archive repaired Pete
16/09/2011 BeerFests update - Park, Shirley added Pete
14/09/2011 BeerFests update - Guide Dog added Pete
04/09/2011 BeerFests update Pete
24-25/08/2011 Changes to Breweries page and LocAle map. Added NFPG banner to front page of website. Alex
21/08/2011 BeerFests update Pete
15/08/2011 BeerFests update, old diary events archived Pete
10/08/2011 Breweries page update Pete
09/08/2011 Beer Festivals & Diary updates Pete
06/08/2011 Diary & Beer Bus updates Alex
01/08/2011 Beer Festivals update Pete
30/06/2011 Beer Festivals update Pete
26/06/2011 Diary & Beer Bus entry rotation & update. Alex
24/06/2011 Beer Festivals update Pete
09/06/2011 & 11/06/11 Beer Festivals & SBF updates Pete
17/05/2011 Update the contacts for the new committee, added Winchester & Woolston festival organisers, and added missing BLOs. Update the contact details on the diary page. Shifted old Beer Bus entries from future to past. Shifted old diary entries to the archive. Alex
15/05/2011 Addition of anti-automated-bot registration question for the forum. Alex
15/05/2011 Beer Festivals & SBF updates Pete
12/05/2011 Added some css to display picture captions. Corrected broken W3C css validator link Pete
07/05/2011 SBF2011 electronic Staffing form addded. Alex
03/05/2011 Beer festivals updated. Southampton Beer Festival 2011 updated. Pete
18/04/2011 Beer festivals updated. Southampton Beer Festival 2011 updated. Alex
18/04/2011 Beer festivals updated. Southampton Beer Festival 2011 updated. Diary updated. Other minor changes. Alex
11/04/2011 More beerfestivals added. Pete
05/04/2011 SBF2011 Staffing form addded. Alex
04/04/2011 Loads of new beerfestivals added. Pete
02/04/2011 Major update to the Southampton Beer Festival 2011 page. Alex
02/04/2011 Itchen Navigation pub walk added to diary. Pete
01/04/2011 Corrected staffing. sbf2011 email address in all sbf2011 documents. Our own obsfuscation caught us out. Pete
27-28/03/2011 Closed the Pub of the Year voting and announced the winner. Alex
23/03/2011 Added some beer festivals, both CAMRA and non-CAMRA. 3 pubs added to the LocALE page. Alex
13/03/2011 Beerfests update plus new mailout Pete
01/03/2011 Southampton Beer Festival 2011 page added. Various other links, and references also updated. SBF2011 page checked to ensure that no XHTML errors introduced! Fixed an awful bit of HTML, probably introduced by some WYSIWYG editor used by Pete! Alex
01/03/2011 Minor amendment to /beer/reports/ page. Old festivals archived from Beerfests page, plus an xhtml error corrected (Alex?!) Pete
10/02/2011 Name & address amendment on /beer/reports/ page Pete
31/01/2011 Beerfests update... 2 pubs plus Wickham added Pete
19/01/2011 POTY voting system golive, associated navigation and FP article. Rob B
17/01/2011 Beerfests update.. Pete
14/01/2011 Beerfests update.. Pete
04/01/2011 Beerfests update.. Pete
30/12/2010 Last of the 2010 diary entries archived. 2011 archive (empty) created. Added 146 Cider presentation to front page (via database). Alex
12/11/2010 Out of date Beerfests archived. Fixed validation errors in Diary & home page includes Pete
06/12/2010 Diary updates and tweaks. Added Winchester to the navigation bar. Rob
03/12/2010 Diary update - 2011 branch meetings added. Rob
10/11/2010 Beerfestivals update. Added New Forest Pub Guide meetings to the diary. Alex
05/11/2010 Minor changes to Beerfests & SBF2010 Pete
01-02/11/2010 Corrected validation errors on diary, plus updates to beer festivals, + another beerfests mailout Pete
23/10/2010 Minor updates to Save the Forest Heath Hotel Campaign updated along with front page blog. Pete
13/10/2010 Save the Forest Heath Hotel Campaign updated along with front page blog. Pete
03/10/2010 Guide Dog & Denmead BFs added to Beerfests. Pete
03/10/2010 Hampshire Beer of the Year results added to the local news section. New local news archive created. Alex
03/10/2010 Hop Press #69 made live with a link on the front page as well. Pete
02/10/2010 Oxford Beer Festival added to Beerfests. Alex
30/09/2010 Hop Press #69 prepared. Queen Inn added to Beerfests. Pete
26/09/2010 Minor BF index update. A lot of /beerfestivals/ files & folders moved to /archive, with a lot of link updating.
Update Romsey Tavern name (to just 'Tavern') in pubs db spreadsheet.
21/09/2010 Red Shoot BF added plus Rack & Manger update to Mild page Pete
09/09/2010 Added some info and made some tweaks to the cider page Alex
07/09/2010 Updated the Southampton Beer Festival 2010 page with a Daily Echo press cutting for our charity presentation. Alex
06/09/2010 Re-worked the home page into more of a blog, moving the previous content to About Us. Added more news to the new home page. Alex
03/09/2010 Saltaire Trip added to Diary, plus old diary & beerfests events archived. Pete
01/09/2010 Added more detail to the 'Beer & Pubs', 'Good Beer Guide' and 'Beer Reports' pages. Alex
29/08/2010 Added Park Inn beer festival (24-25/09/2010) Alex
26/08/2010 Quite a few non-CAMRA Beer Festivals, plus Woking added, Pete
15/08/2010 Diary update. Lots of other changes to various bits of the site over the last couple of months that I've not logged - oops! ;-) Added a new entry to the cider & perry page. Alex
12/08/2010 Quite a few non-CAMRA Beer Festivals added, plus a locale phone number corrected - Ebernezers Pete
10/08/2010 5th Wickham Charity Beer Festival added Pete
03/08/2010 Kings Head beer festival added + Front Page & SBF2010 tweaked to add in the charity cheque presentation. Pete
31/07/2010 The Cedars beer festival + Hanpshire Octoberfest added. Pete
29/07/2010 Beerfestivals update & beerfests mailout. Pete
25/06/2010 GBBF & Pompey Beer Festival added. Pete
18/06/2010 Fleet Lions Beer Festival added. Pete
17/06/2010 Ale at Amberley Beer Festival added. Alex
10/06/2010 White Horse (Priors Dean) & New Forest Inn Beer Festivals added. Pete
02/06/2010 Cartwheel Beer Festival added. Pete
01/06/2010 Moved old beer festivals to the archive. Added the Boarhunt beer festival. Various tweaks to SBF2010 page. Alex
30/05/2010 Corrected the hop press correction notice - this correction was made in May, not June! Alex
29/05/2010 Corrected hop press crossword (again) - both web page and PDF. Alex & Pete
26/05/2010 New Hop Press page added - /hop-press/hop-press68.php. Proof-read and linked in by Alex. All the hard work already done by Pete. More tweaks to the SBF ticket information. Alex & Pete
25/05/2010 Updates to Beer Festivals page, front page, added temporary Hop Press #68 page, added links to correct crossword. Alex
22/05/2010 Updates to Beer Festivals page. Alex
21/05/2010 SBF update - ticket details. Pete
20/05/2010 Added Vine, Stockbridge to the Beer Festivals page.
Further mod to mailinglists.php
18/05/2010 Minor Beerfests update plus small note added to mailinglists.php reminding people to reply to confirmation emails. Pete
14/05/2010 Added a festival to the Beer Festivals page. Alex
06/05/2010 Various little tweaks to the SBF2010 page and online staffing form submission code. Alex
01/05/2010 Beerfests update - added King Rufus 25-27/06/10. Pete
29/04/2010 Beerfests update - added Woodman BF on 01/05/2010. Alex
28/04/2010 Beerfests update. Pete
22/04/2010 Beerfests update - SBF ticket info + mailout. Pete
21/04/2010 Beerfests update. Pete
08-09/04/2010 SBF ticket sales announced Pete & Alex
02/04/2010 Minor Beerfests update plus ancillary files moved to /notes. Pete
30/03/2010 Winchester Beer fests added. Pete
26/03/2010 Beerfests update + beerfest mailout added. Pete
14/03/2010 Added New Forest Heath Campaign page, added links from campaign page and front page. Updated front page, fixed HTML errors. Archived old diary entries. Alex
12/03/2010 SBF2010 online staffing form added - new index linked page 20100312 etc. Pete
09/03/2010 Beerfests & SBF2010 updates. Attempt made at reconstructing 2010 diary archive. Pete
04/03/2010 Diary update - SBF2010 added + remains of February archived. Pete
09/02/2010 Diary update - Itchen Navigation walk. Pete
20/01/2010 Diary update. Mich
11/01/2010 BeerFests update - added Gosport. Mild (at Rack & Manger) updated. Pete
10/01/2010 Diary update - added 2010 Beer Bus entries (full details yet to be added). Archived website 2009 history. Alex