Web Site History - Archive 2006

05/12/2006 New Hop Press. Updates to home page news banner, news archive, diary. Pete
04/12/2006 Hedge End beer festival added. Diary updated. Pete
12/11/2006 Beer bus page updated. Bowman Ales added to the links page. Alex
06/11/2006 CAMRA & Non CAMRA beer festivals updated. Pete
21/08/2006 Non CAMRA beer festivals, Diary & Beer Bus updated. Pete
07/08/2006 Non CAMRA beer festivals & Diary updated. Pete
27/07/2006 Non CAMRA beer festivals & Diary updated. Pete
09/07/2006 Old diary & non CAMRA beer fest events archived Pete
16/06/2006 Non CAMRA beer festivals updated. Pete
12/06/2006 SBF 2006 page updated. Pete
12/06/2006 Non CAMRA beer festivals & diary pages updated. Pete
02/06/2006 Ticket availability updated Ian
29/05/2006 Er, we've sold out of festival tickets, that's right there are no more, no, not even one for your mate, even if you ARE a CAMRA member. Ian
29/05/2006 GBG 2006 Public Transport guide uploaded and linked in Alex
29/05/2006 ticket sales page updated to reflect removal of tickets from outlets and transfer to Guildhall Ian
28/05/2006 Bitter Virtue removed from ticket outlet list; availability updated Ian
27/05/2006 Beer Festival ticket availability updated. They're running out folks, get 'em while you can! Ian
21/05/2006 Updates to SBF2006 & Beerfests (non-CAMRA) Pete
17/05/2006 Beer Festival ticket availability updated. Ian
15/05/2006 News banner updated with Hop Press. Pete
06/05/2006 May 2006 Hop Press added. News banner not put on front page yet. Print edition won't be ready for a few days. Pete
04/05/2006 Diary Update. Pete
02/05/2006 Diary + Beerfests Update. Links added to brewery logos on links page. Pete
20/04/2006 Updated beerfestivals/ page to reflect tickets for SBF2006 now on sale Ian
18/04/2006 Updated SBF tickets section - all outlets now supplied. Extra ticketing details added. Ian
16/04/2006 Updated SBF tickets section - most outlets now supplied. Ian
13/04/2006 Added contact details to Mike King Darts entry on Diary page Ian
06/04/2006 Corrected dates on SBF2006 page + replaced map with correct version. Pete
02/04/2006 Sorted out 2005 archives for site history and news archive. Updated links to many breweries on the contact page (itchen valley looks to be under (re)construction - we should check back in a month. Replaced all the links to http://www.camra.org.uk/membership/ as this doesn't work properly following the launch of the new HQ website. Reformatted a guestbook entry. Reformatted the text saying that you can download the latest Hop Press as a PDF. Checked for and fixed broken links (there were a few!). Updated the disclaimer date to 2006 (now the current year through server-side wizardry!). Ran HTML validator on all pages linked from left-hand navigation bar and footer - all problems (mainly by Alex!) now fixed. Added Plough Inn (Tiptoe) beer festival details. Alex
01/04/2006 Quite a few major updates: SBF2006 page now live; SBF2006 page linked from navigation bar; Beer Festivals page updated; Diary updated; Beer bus page updated; SBF page announcement added to front page and news archive page Alex
26/03/2006 Updated the site with CAMRA's new logo Alex
06/03/2006 Beerfests Update Pete
25/02/2006 Diary + Beerfests Update + SBF2006 index page created & linked to from SBF Pete
13/02/2006 Diary update Pete
01/02/2006 Porchester Brewery link removed Pete
29/01/2006 Diary + Beerfests Update Pete