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What is Locale?

Locale is a scheme promoting locally brewed beers in local pubs. The CAMRA Website says this about LocAle:

"CAMRA LocAle is a new initiative that promotes pubs stocking locally brewed real ale. The scheme builds on a growing consumer demand for quality local produce and an increased awareness of 'green' issues."

More information can be found on the CAMRA LocAle Webpage.

Definition of Local

Our definition of local is a straightline distance of 25 miles from brewery to a pub stocking that brewery's beer. If the pub falls within this distance and stocks at least one local beer at all times then it is eligible for inclusion in the LocAle scheme provided the beer is of drinkable (not necessarily GBG) quality. In practice over thirty breweries in South Hants and surrounding areas could be considered as local to some pubs within the branch area.

We have created a map of our branch area and breweries that are within LocAle range of it for avoidance of doubt.

How are the Pubs Selected?

In order for a pub to be included in the LocAle scheme it must be nominated by a CAMRA member. The member must speak to the landlord prior to nomination to explain the scheme and ensure they are happy to take part. The member will then send a nomination email to Locale Coordinator (who co-ordinates our LocAle pub database) with details on why the pub should be included (i.e. which local beers are always available). A promotional pack will then be given to the pub by the nominating member.

The list of pubs in the scheme will be reported via the website and in Hop Press. It is suggested that the nominating member maintains contact with the landlord of the pub once nomination has occured, in order that any issues arising may be easily tackled.

A pub's inclusion will be reviewed each year as new LocAle materials are released.

What Happens if a Pub's Circumstances Change?

If a pub landlord changes, or any other significant changes occur, then an email should be sent to the Locale Coordinator to inform them of the change. Any CAMRA member can report a change - it does not have to be the nominating member. Should local real ale provision be removed or quality fall below drinkable levels then the pub will be de-listed from the scheme until such time as it is renominated. Reports will be checked / confirmed by the nominating member before any action is taken.

We hope that by adopting this scheme we will be helping to promote local beers in local pubs and, of course, CAMRA!

For more information about the locale scheme in our branch please email locale@shantscamra.org.uk.


The below pubs are currently part of the LocAle scheme, grouped into the Areas (and sub-areas) within our branch. If you know of a pub which would like to be included, please nominate it!

Eastleigh and South-East
 Outlet DetailsLocAle from (and minimum number of simultaneous LocAles)
Country Inn, Waltham ChaseCountry Inn, Waltham Chase
Winchester Road, Waltham Chase, SO32 2LL
(01489) 890144
(1) Bowman; Broken Bridge; Falling Acorn
CrackleRock Tap Room, BotleyCrackleRock Tap Room, Botley
30A High Street, Botley, SO30 2EA
07733 232806
(7) Bowmans; CrackleRock; Alfred's; Steamtown;
Hampshire Bowman, DundridgeHampshire Bowman, Dundridge
Dundridge Lane, Dundridge, SO32 1GD
(01489) 892940
(4) Bowman; Flower Pots; Steam Town
Rising Sun, SwanmoreRising Sun, Swanmore
Droxford Road, Hillpound, Swanmore, SO32 2PS
(01489) 896663
(3) Fallen Acorn; Flack Manor; Flowerpots; Red Cat; Urban Island;
Roll Call, Butlocks HeathRoll Call, Butlocks Heath
Woolston Road, Butlocks Heath, SO31 5FJ
(023) 8045 2358
(4) Ringwood; Flower Pots
Steam Town Brew Co., EastleighSteam Town Brew Co., Eastleigh
1 Bishopstoke Road, Eastleigh, SO50 6AD
(023) 8235 9139
(3) Steam Town
Steel Tank Alehouse, Chandler's FordSteel Tank Alehouse, Chandler's Ford
1 The Central Precinct, Winchester Road, Chandler's Ford, SO53 2GA
07379 553025
(3) Flower Pots; Red Cat; Siren Craft Brew; Vibrant Forest;
Wheatsheaf Inn, ShedfieldWheatsheaf Inn, Shedfield
Botley Road, Shedfield, SO32 2JG
(01329) 833024
(5) CrackleRock; Goddards; Palmers; Triple fff;
New Forest and West
 Outlet DetailsLocAle from (and minimum number of simultaneous LocAles)
Drift Inn, Beaulieu RoadDrift Inn, Beaulieu Road
Beaulieu Road, Beaulieu Road, SO42 7YQ
(023) 8029 2342
(3) Ringwood; Vibrant Forest; Flack Manor
Forest Inn, AshurstForest Inn, Ashurst
Lyndhurst Road, Ashurst, SO40 7DU
(023) 8017 7133
(3) Bowman; Flack Manor; Goddards; Hop Back; Ringwood; Vibrant Forest;
London Tavern, PoulnerLondon Tavern, Poulner
Linford Road, Poulner, BH24 1TY
(01425) 473819
(2) Ringwood
Master Builder's House Hotel, Bucklers HardMaster Builder's House Hotel, Bucklers Hard
Bucklers Hard, SO42 7XB
(01590) 616253
(2) Vibrant Forest Brewery
Monkey Brewhouse, LymingtonMonkey Brewhouse, Lymington
167 Southampton Road, Buckland, Lymington, SO41 9HA
(01590) 676754
(3) Monkey Brewhouse
New Wheel Inn, Bowling GreenNew Wheel Inn, Bowling Green
Sway Road, Bowling Green, SO41 8LJ
(01590) 688953
(2) Bournemouth; Downton; Flack Manor; Irving; Isle of Purbeck; Red Cat; Ringwood; Sixpenny; Vibrant Forest;
Railway, RingwoodRailway, Ringwood
35 Hightown Road, Ringwood, BH24 1NQ
(01425) 473701
(1) Ringwood;
Red Shoot Inn, LinwoodRed Shoot Inn, Linwood
Toms Lane, Linwood, BH24 3QT
(01425) 475792
(2) Red Shoot;
Rising Sun, WoottonRising Sun, Wootton
Bashley Common Road, Wootton, BH25 5SF
(01425) 610360
(1) Flack Manor
Royal Oak, FrithamRoyal Oak, Fritham
Fritham, SO43 7HJ
(023) 8081 2606
(4) Bowman; Downton; Flack Manor; Hop Back; Keystone; Red Cat; Ringwood; Steam Town; Stonehenge;
Royal Oak, North GorleyRoyal Oak, North Gorley
Ringwood Road, North Gorley, SP6 2PB
(01425) 652244
(2) Ringwood;
Six Bells, LymingtonSix Bells, Lymington
48 St Thomas Street, Lymington, SO41 9ND
(01590) 689990
(2) Ringwood; Sixpenny; Vibrant Forest;
Turfcutters Arms, East BoldreTurfcutters Arms, East Boldre
Main Road, East Boldre, SO42 7WL
(01590) 612331
(2) Flack Manor; Goddards; Hop Back; Itchen Valley; Ringwood; Vibrant Forest;
Tyrrell's Ford Country Inn, AvonTyrrell's Ford Country Inn, Avon
Ringwood Road, Avon, BH23 7BQ
(01425) 672646
Flack Manor; Ringwood;
Vibrant Forest Brewery Taproom, HardleyVibrant Forest Brewery Taproom, Hardley
Unit 3, The Purlieu Centre, Hardley Industrial Estate, Hardley, SO45 3AE
(023) 8200 2200
(1) Vibrant Forest;
New Forest and West (Waterside)
 Outlet DetailsLocAle from (and minimum number of simultaneous LocAles)
Ebenezers, HytheEbenezers, Hythe
18A Pylewell Road, Hythe, SO45 6AR
(023) 8020 7799
(2) Bowman; Flack Manor; Flowerpots; Goddards; Hop Back; Island; Vibrant Forest;
Jolly Sailor, FawleyJolly Sailor, Fawley
Ashlett Road, Ashlett Creek, Fawley, SO45 1DT
(023) 8089 1305
(1) Ringwood; Hop Back; Vibrant Forest;
Langley Tavern, LangleyLangley Tavern, Langley
Lepe Road, Langley, SO45 1XR
(023) 8089 1402
(2) Goddards; Hop Back; Ringwood; Vibrant Forest;
Old Mill Inn, HolburyOld Mill Inn, Holbury
Lime Kiln Lane, Holbury, SO45 2HE
(023) 8089 1137
(1) Ringwood;
Romsey and North-West
 Outlet DetailsLocAle from (and minimum number of simultaneous LocAles)
Black Horse, West TytherleyBlack Horse, West Tytherley
North Lane, West Tytherley, SP5 1NF
(01794) 340308
(2) Bowman; Flowerpots; Plain; Red Cat;
Dog & Crook, BraishfieldDog & Crook, Braishfield
Crook Hill, Braishfield, SO51 0QB
(01794) 368530
(1) Ringwood
Luzborough, RomseyLuzborough, Romsey
Luzborough Lane, Botley Road, Romsey, SO51 9AA
(01794) 523816
(1) Andwell; Flack Manor; Itchen Valley; Hop Back; Longdog; Red Cat;
Rockingham Arms, CanadaRockingham Arms, Canada
Canada Road, Canada, SO51 6DE
(01794) 324798
(2) Ringwood; Vibrant Forest; Hopback;
Shoe Inn, PlaitfordShoe Inn, Plaitford
Salisbury Road, Plaitford, SO51 6EE
(01794) 323399
(3) Andwell; Downton; Flack Manor; Hop Back; Itchen Valley; Red Cat; Ringwood; Stonehenge;
Star Inn, RomseyStar Inn, Romsey
13 The Horsefair, Romsey, SO51 8EZ
(01794) 511165
(1) Bowman;
Three Tuns, RomseyThree Tuns, Romsey
58 Middlebridge Street, Romsey, SO51 8HL
(01794) 512639
(3) Botley; Bowman; Flack Manor; Flowerpots; Irving; Itchen Valley; Red Cat, Ringwood, Triple fff; Vibrant Forest;
Wheatsheaf, BraishfieldWheatsheaf, Braishfield
Braishfield Road, Braishfield, SO51 0QE
(01794) 368652
(1) Flack Manor
 Outlet DetailsLocAle from (and minimum number of simultaneous LocAles)
Bitter Virtue, SouthamptonBitter Virtue, Southampton
70 Cambridge Road, Portswood, Southampton, SO14 6US
(1) Bowman; Dancing Man; Downton; Hop Back; Red Cat; Unity; Vibrant Forest;
Dancing Man, SouthamptonDancing Man, Southampton
Wool House, Town Quay, Southampton, SO14 2AR
(023) 8083 6666
(6) Dancing Man; Vibrant Forest
Fox & Hounds, SouthamptonFox & Hounds, Southampton
106 Pound Street, Bitterne, Southampton, SO18 6BP
(1) Flowerpots;
Freemantle Arms, SouthamptonFreemantle Arms, Southampton
31 Albany Road, Freemantle, Southampton, SO15 3EF
(023) 8077 2536
(2) Ringwood; Flower Pots; Steam Town
Guide Dog, SouthamptonGuide Dog, Southampton
38 Earl's Road, Bevois Valley, Southampton, SO14 6SF
(023) 8063 8947
(3) Bowman; Downton; Flack Manor; Flowerpots; Hop Back; Red Cat; Triple fff;
Handle Bar, SouthamptonHandle Bar, Southampton
69 The Avenue, Southampton, SO17 1XS
07754 769620
(3) Red Cat; Steam Town; Flower Pots; Dancing Man
Hop Inn, SouthamptonHop Inn, Southampton
199 Woodmill Lane, Bitterne Park, Southampton, SO18 2PH
(023) 8055 7723
(1) Steam Town
Paddle & Peel, SouthamptonPaddle & Peel, Southampton
Unit 7A, Kemps Quay, Quayside Road, Southampton, SO18 1AD
(3) Bowman; Flower Pots; Red Cat;
Platform Tavern, SouthamptonPlatform Tavern, Southampton
Town Quay, City, Southampton, SO14 2NY
(023) 8033 7232
(2) Vibrant Forest; Red Cat;
Waterloo Arms, SouthamptonWaterloo Arms, Southampton
101 Waterloo Road, Freemantle, Southampton, SO15 3BS
(023) 8022 0022
(5) Hop Back; Downton;
Witch's Brew, SouthamptonWitch's Brew, Southampton
220 Shirley Road, Freemantle, Southampton, SO15 3FL
07803 347775
(1) Bowman Ales; Eight Arch; Red Cat; Flower Pots; Fallen Acorn; Steam Town; Vibrant Forest
Winchester and North-East
 Outlet DetailsLocAle from (and minimum number of simultaneous LocAles)
Alfie's, WinchesterAlfie's, Winchester
157 High Street, Winchester, SO23 9BA
(01962) 852985
(5) Flack Manor; Flowerpots; Red Cat;
Black Boy, WinchesterBlack Boy, Winchester
1 Wharf Hill, Winchester, SO23 9NQ
(01962) 861754
(3) Alfred's; Andwell; Bowman; Flack Manor; Flowerpots; Hop Back; Triple fff;
Bugle Inn, TwyfordBugle Inn, Twyford
Park Lane, Twyford, SO21 1QT
(01962) 714888
(3) Alfred's; Bowman; Flowerpots;
Flower Pots Inn, CheritonFlower Pots Inn, Cheriton
Brandy Mount, Cheriton, SO24 0QQ
(01962) 771318
(6-8) Flower Pots
Fox, CrawleyFox, Crawley
Main Road, Crawley, SO21 2PR
(01962) 461302
(4) Alfred's; Bowman; Flowerpots
Fulflood Arms, WinchesterFulflood Arms, Winchester
28 Cheriton Road, Winchester, SO22 5EF
(01962) 842996
(3) Alfred's; Andwell; Bowman; Flowerpots; Steam Town.
Hyde Tavern, WinchesterHyde Tavern, Winchester
57 Hyde Street, Hyde, Winchester, SO23 7DY
(01962) 862592
(2) Bowman; Fallen Acorn; Flowerpots; Triple fff;
IBM Hursley Club, HursleyIBM Hursley Club, Hursley
The Clubhouse, Hursley Park, Hursley, SO21 2JN
(01962) 815933
(2) Andwell; Bowman; Flack Manor; Irving; Ringwood;
Kings Head, HursleyKings Head, Hursley
Main Road, Hursley, SO21 2JW
(01962) 775208
(2) Bowman; Flack Manor; Flowerpots; Ringwood;
Old Vine, WinchesterOld Vine, Winchester
8 Great Minster Street, Winchester, SO23 9HA
(01962) 854616
(1) Alfred's; Andwell; Bowman; Flowerpots; Hop Back; Longdog; MASH;
Phoenix Inn, TwyfordPhoenix Inn, Twyford
High Street, Twyford, SO21 1RF
(01962) 713322
(4) Alfred's; Botley; Bowman; Flack Manor; Flowerpots; Hop Back; Longdog; Red Cat; Triple fff; Vibrant Forest;
Queen Inn, WinchesterQueen Inn, Winchester
28 Kingsgate Road, Winchester, SO23 9PG
(01962) 853898
(8) Alfred's; Fallen Acorn; Flower Pots; Queen Inn; Red Cat; Steam Town
Red Cat Brewery, WinchesterRed Cat Brewery, Winchester
Unit 10 Sun Valley Business Park, Winnall Close, Winchester, SO23 0LB
(01962) 863423
(3) Red Cat;
Running Horse, LittletonRunning Horse, Littleton
88 Main Road, Littleton, SO22 6QS
(01962) 880218
(3) Red Cat;
Ship Inn, Bishop's SuttonShip Inn, Bishop's Sutton
Bishop's Sutton, SO24 0AQ
(01962) 732863
(2) Triple fff; Red Cat; Alfred's; Flowerpots;
Tichborne Arms, TichborneTichborne Arms, Tichborne
Tichborne, SO24 0NA
(01962) 733760
(1) Bowmans; Flowerpots; Alfreds
Westgate, WinchesterWestgate, Winchester
2 Romsey Road, Winchester, SO23 8TP
(01962) 820222
(2) London Road Brew House; Red Cat; Flower Pots
Winchester Beer & Cider Festival, WinchesterWinchester Beer & Cider Festival, Winchester
Winchester Guildhall, The Broadway, Winchester, SO23 9GH
07967 792487
(30) Alfred's; Andwell; Botley; Bowman; Dancing Man; Flack Manor; Flowerpots; Irving; Itchen Valley; Ringwood; Triple fff; Vibrant Forest;