Beer & Pubs

Pub Data Management System: Pub survey submission system now available online (password required)

CAMRA's main focus is on beer (real ale) and the pubs that serve it. Obviously, we also need the breweries that dedicate themselves to producing this traditional quality product. As well ask cask beer, CAMRA also campaigns for Real Ale in a Bottle.

Rather than having our own pub guide on this site, we publish all our pub data to for both CAMRA Members and Non-Members to view. If you're a CAMRA member, you can log into this site with your National CAMRA login and then update our pub data directly (we aim to check your changes and publish it within 24 hours).

Good Beer Guide & Pub Reports

Each year, CAMRA produces the Good Beer Guide. To read more about this, click here.

In Southern Hampshire CAMRA, we follow a process of visiting, reporting-upon, and nominating pubs for selection. Each January, we then hold a selection meeting where branch members vote on the pubs that we will consider for the next edition of the Good Beer Guide. Those selected from this meeting are considered "nominated" for the final good beer guide - there are many reasons why a pub may be excluded at this stage or later.

The essential element of this whole process is submitting pub reports. Without pub reports, pubs will not be considered at the annual selection meeting. Even then, for a pub to be included, it must often have multiple reports from multiple people throughout the year - please visit the pub reports page for more information on our reporting system.


Mild is a style of beer which, despite its significant following, is becoming less common as time passes by. In order to help promote this style of beer, we have created a mild page which lists the outlets at which mild can be found.