Web Site History - Archive 2002

23/12/2002 Diary Update + Alan Judd's phone number & address update. New copy of contacts????.doc posted Pete
03/12/2002 Diary Update Pete
Jolly Sailor Preservation Campaign: Added our diagrams of the proposed new layout, and another few bits. Alex
28/11/2002 Made the Jolly Sailor Preservation Petition live. Added letter writing guidelines and contact details.
Fixed a couple of typos in the Winchester Walk (Nov 2002) photos bit.
28/11/2002 Added the Jolly Sailor Preservation Online Petition - sign up now!
Backed up the site - I've done lots recently and I'd really rather not lose it!
27/11/2002 Added the Jolly Sailor Preservation Campaign section. Alex
25/11/2002 Added photos of EBF2002 and the Winchester Walkabout (23/11/2002). Made a couple of tweaks to the post-EBF2002 page. Updated the beerfestivals/ page. Adjusted the gamma on the SBF2001 & SBF2002 photos to make them less dark. Checked that the entire site is valid W3C HTML - it is! Alex
18/11/2002 Diary Update & typo correction on main index Pete
13/11/2002 Started tidying up, removing all the promenant links to EBF2002. More to do. Added the mailing list section to the front page. Alex
13/11/2002 Diary Update Pete
12/11/2002 SBF2002 Results commented out until I move them to a new home. EBF2002 pre-festival pages restored (the old index.shtml was renamed pre-festival.shtml) for later use (it also introduced broken links on the navigation bar, which I will fix soon). Alex
08/11/2002 EBF results put on + home page & news archive page suitably updated. Should we move SBF results off home page Pete
29/10/2002 Diary update + contacts.shtml completed Pete
28/10/2002 Replaced all links to www.camra.org.uk/membership/ with working ones. Modified the disclaimer. Alex
25/10/2002 I've been a little busy tonight:
  • Revealed the Photos link from the navigation bar, following Stephen's excellent work.
  • Did some minor tweaking to the Photos section index page and SBF2001/2 index pages.
  • Updated the front page.
  • Updated the news page.
  • Modified a link from Hop Press Issue 1.
  • Updated To Do list.
  • Added EBF2002 Press Release, and updated Press Releases Index.
  • Added Links section, and updated the navigation bar.
  • Sorted links on navigation bar alphabetically
  • Put a link to the site history (this page) on the footers
  • Corrected (my blunder) - EBF2002 staffing page title now says 'Staffing' instead of 'Tickets'!
  • Backed up the site
24/10/2002 Made some changes to the navigation of the photos section, and added some wording to the photo gallery index page. Stephen
23/10/2002 Wrote the photos/ section today. Emailed Alex for comments. Stephen
20/10/2002 Been editing and modifying quite a few things today:
  • Updated the breweries page, giving it some introductory text.
  • Fixed some bits in the guest book perl script (and manually fixed the output).
  • Fixed the header includes in order that the guest book link doesn't cause a new window to open.
  • Added title to the EBF2002 staffing page
  • Added title to the Diary
  • Added the guestbook to the checkpages.shtml page
19/10/2002 Added another new counter (this one is perl, not PHP and works in a nicer way). Alex
18/10/2002 Added guestbook (replacing the freenetname one), announced on the front page and modified the headers to reflect this. Alex
16/10/2002 Staffing page updated with Rachel's details & links to downloadable forms. Pete
14/10/2002 Diary update. Pete
10/10/2002 Updated the include headers & footers to have sub-items (added new upcoming entries "Contacts", "Links", "Campaigns" and "Photo Gallery", but they are currently commented out). Added links to HQ GBG site from Hop Press Issue 5. Updated website to do list. Alex
09/10/2002 Updated stylesheet to add new colouring for links in the footer. Updated the footer includes to use this new bit of the stylesheet. Removed Hampshire Webring from the main index page. Corrected the month in the title of the October 2002 Hop Press page. Added Bitter Virtue / South Western Arms Octoberfest to Beer Festivals page. Moved the old "latest information" entries from the front page to the news archive. Alex
08/10/2002 Updated EBF 2002 index with staffing + created eastleighBFstaffing.shtml page.
New Hop Press added with links & Banner on home page.
[Alex] Added hop-press5.shtml to the page checker page.
03/10/2002 Updated the beer festivals page (and a couple more times in subsequent days). Updated the tickets venues on the EBF2002 tickets page. Alex
01/10/2002 Updated the front page (added EBF2002 links & banner). Updated the Eastleigh pages. Updated the checkpages.shtml page. Alex
23/09/2002 Diary update. Pete
27/08/2002 Diary update inc link to Eastleigh BF page. Pete
26/08/2002 Eastleigh BF pages added. All validates Pete
  • Fixed the counter - somehow I'd put the old "beseen" one back on!? DOH!
  • Wrote my first cut of the beer festivals page. Went to the pub, had some comments on my descriptions, came home again (don't worry, I stayed as long as I could!) and updated it! :-)
  • Added a bookmark in the diary page so that we can link to the ebf2002 bit directly. Put the words "Eastleigh Beer Festival" in bold to make them more visible.
  • Added a temporary redirect from /ebf2002/ to /diary/index.shtml#ebf2002
  • Modified the header & footer includes to get rid of old links and put in new ones. Put new CAMRA Southern Hampshire Branch logo in top-left corner.
  • Added the beerfestivals/ and news/ folders. These will appear when I upload the modified include files (which I haven't quite finished editing yet).
  • A couple of minor (layout) tweaks to /index.shtml
  • Removed the valign="top" from the diary dates (this is in the stylesheet) - Pete, let me know when you want me to come and set up Apache for you. Only then will you be able to see the site run on your PC at home in its full glory! :-)
22/08/2002 Put some prices on Diary Eastleigh Beer Fest entry + top valigned all dates in diary table.
An idea for future changes - change font colour for links in footer. Currently Bright Blue on Blue - doesn't show up too well on some monitors. (+ It's not Frontpage adding all those extra lines. I'll investigate further.)
21/08/2002 A couple of changes today:
  • Created a new history page. Archived the old history page to /history2001.shtml. The new history page takes on the styling of the rest of the site. It is also now in "most recent first" order.
  • Restructured the diary page, using a table. New file is just over half the size of the old one (as I've removed all the Frontpage bloat and done it efficiently). Added target="_blank" to the external web links in order to open them in a new window (Pete had this in previously, but FrontPage had removed it - thanks Microsoft!).
  • Replaced the counter as beseen.com are about to discontinue their service.
  • Replaced all occurrences of absolute font sizes with relative font sizes. This means that the site should be much more friendly to visually impared visitors.
  • Modified the included headers and footers slightly - trying to make the site work better on browsers which are only 640 pixels wide (i.e. my Nokia 9210!).
  • Re-checked all pages through the HTML Validator - they passed!
19/08/2002 Diary Update Pete
18/08/2002 Updated the "Latest News" section to include Triple FFF's recent GBBF victory. Hid the out of date stuff... Alex
23/07/2002 Added target="_blank" to external links (brings them up in a new window).
Added /disclaimer.shtml.
Added the disclaimer to the checkpages.shtml page.
Modified the footers (all three levels) to have a link to the disclaimer.
23/07/2002 Diary update Pete
22/07/2002 Minor tweaks to the front page. Added intra-page link to SBF BOF information. Stephen
16/07/2002 Southampton 2002 Beer of the Festival results added. Stephen
29/06/2002 Diary update - deletion of expired events. Pete
22/06/2002 Added two press releases. Added CBOH to front page. Alex.
16/06/2002 Updated SBF2002 page. Repaired history page (please ensure that you're in binary mode when FTPing!) Updated the news section of the main page. Alex.
15/06/2002 Diary update. Pete
13/06/2002 Added SBF2001 Photos & linked from the front page. Linked to SBF2002 from diary page entry. Backed up the site. Updated most pages... the titles are all now "South Hants CAMRA - [whateversonthepage]". Edited the footers too so that there is an email link to webmasters. Alex.
05/06/2002 Diary update (deletion of old events). Pete
01/06/2002 Added last year's Southampton Beer Festical Press Releases Alex
28/05/2002 Removed photos from last year's festival - see my email for why. Alex
28/05/2002 Added photos from last year's beer festival Stephen
26/05/2002 Added the /press/ pages to the checkpages.shtml page. Alex
23-24/05/2002 Added the /press/ section, adding links from the side-bar (modified all header levels). Udated all links from the site to GBBF to http://www.gbbf.org/ (as per CAMRAweb email). Added Portchester Brewery to the Local Breweries page. Alex
15/05/2002 Diary Update Pete
13/05/2002 Minor additions to SBF tickets section - phone numbers etc. Diary update. beerduty3.jpg added to hop-press4.shtml (& images folder) Pete

Added the page "errors.shtml" and a file called ".htaccess" (which you can't see by FTP). The ".htaccess" file contains the following text: "ErrorDocument 404 /errors.shtml". It quite simply returns the errors.shtml page if anyone types in or follows an invalid link. The benefit of this is that people get a valid page (with left-hand nav-bar) even when the URL is wrong!


Minor tweaks to the SBF 2002 page, main index page and "shantscamra.css". Also added a PDF copy of the SBF2002 poster to the SBF2002 page, with some text encouraging people to download it and put it on their noticeboard at work. Added links from the top to each section on the page.


Added the Southampton Beer Festival page. Modified all the headers (all three levels) to have a link from them. Updated the main page, removing the maintenance notice and adding a "Latest Information" box instead.


Backed up the site

Created a subfolder "includes/" put headers & footers for each level (Top level is level 0) I've used the naming convention "level#-header.shtml" and "level#-footer.shtml".

Updated ALL pages. All the links are now relative to the current page. If you're going to be doing any changes to the site, please delete all your local HTML and re-download them.

Removed all the redirectors in the root of the site (diary.htm, hop-press.htm, etc). Deleted header.shtml and footer.shtml from the root of the site.


Fixed Czech accents.

01/05/2002 Nearly sorted out new Hop Press (SBF advert & Beer duty graph still need adding to this). W3C validator page updated to include the new hop-press4.shtml page. Fails W3C validator on Czech accents. www.shantscamra.org.uk/Contacts-Web.doc added with password for our use.
/hop-press/hop-press.htm [no longer present] added as example of loading speed with bookmark links.
01/05/2002 New Hop Press added but poxy Frontpage f***s up the shtml so there is a load error. Also, SBF advert & Beer duty graph need adding to this Pete

Diary update including Mike King Darts result.


Fixed the last updated date / time bit. As I had to edit every page to do this, the pages will all show a date and time at approximately 17:45 on 24th April.


Added a virtual-link folder (symbolically linked for those of you that know) https://www.shantscamra.org.uk/stats/ which displays statistical output from the webserver, which is actually located at http://p4-7014.uk2net.com/stats/www.shantscamra.org.uk.html [Link removed as no longer works].


Put the counter back on the bottom of the front page. Forgot to put it on when moving it off the standard SSI header.


I've been busy again. As far as I am concerned, the re-development of the site is complete (at least I hope it is!). Now all we've got to do is sort out the content... :-(

  • Added the "shantscamra.css" Cascading Style Sheet in order to replace the buttons on the left-hand side with something which is more easily accessible by the disabled (text!).
  • Modified the headers of all the main pages to support the CSS and be W3C compliant.
  • Got rid of the horrible links on the left-hand bar and replaced them with something more friendly.
  • Put the "DiarySBF" bit in the Diary page so that when the banner on the front page is clicked it goes to the SBF2002 entry. Removed the Waterloo beer festival. This bit was re-doing what Pete did as I over-wrote it earlier (sorry!).
  • Sorted out the linked Eastleigh and Southampton pages. Moved them under /ebf2001 and /sbf/2001 appropriately.
  • Uploaded the the 2002 staffing form to /sbf/2002/staffingform2002.pdf
  • Deleted all the local guestbook stuff - it isn't needed as it is still running under freenetname
  • Added the checkpages.shtml page. We can now easily confirm that our pages have valid HTML in them after they are edited. Added links on this page to validate all other pages.
  • Ran the W3C validation on all the pages - we passed! Added the appropriate icons to the footer in celebration!
  • Backed up the entire website to my PC
  • Decided that going to bed for some sleep before work tomorrow would be a good idea! :-)
18/04/2002 Diary update + hyperlink from SBF banner on home page to diary SBF entry Pete
15-16/04/2002 Started moving pages from the fixed format to the server-side included footer & headers. Pages done so far are:
  • Home page
  • Diary Page
  • Hop Press (all three electronic editions)
  • Local Breweries
14/04/2002 One or two things...
  • Updated all the dates in the history.htm (this) page to dd/mm/yyyy format
  • Deleted all unnecessary content, old photos, etc (don't worry, I archived it all first!)
  • Moved all images to the images/ folder (in order that we've only got one copy of everything - previously stuff was in index_files/, diary_files/, images/ and others.
  • Sorted out the links on the left-hand bar (and put them back on). Edited the GBBF2002 logo on the left-hand bar so that it had a white background, and looks good on the left-hand bar.
  • Modified last year's animated SBF banner with the correct dates and put it near the top of the page.
  • Completely re-vamped the main page layout. However, main content is still in its former state.
  • Moved diary, breweries and Hop Press into sub-folders. Put in redirection pages in the root folder. Updated the wevemoved.htm page as ell.
  • ...and finally, tested that it all still works! :-)
12/04/2002 Minor diary update Pete
12/04/2002 All email addesses updated from ...@shcamra.org.uk to ...@shantscamra.org.uk (apart from in history.htm).
Updated the bit on the front page about website maintenance.
Deleted the file "default.htm" as this could easily be confused with "index.htm", which is the (ahem!) default page!
11/04/2002 Diary Update Pete
10/04/2002 Added wevemoved.htm and redirected www.shcamra.org.uk to this page from freeparking. Alex
04/04/2002 Diary Update Pete
18/03/2002 Soton Beer Festival dates placed prominently on front page. Day of week removed from "last modified" (as temporary fix to Netscape problem). GBBF2001 logo replaced by 2002 logo. Stephen
14/03/2002 Diary update + a couple of Home button references changed to avoid explicit use of www.shantscamra.org.uk in file locations. Stephen to upload Pete/Stephen
11/03/2002 Notice on Web Site Maintenance / alternative URL www.shcamra.org.uk added. Also, a few changes made to hyperlinks to avoid explicit use of www.shantscamra.org.uk in file locations Stephen
04/03/2002 Diary Update Pete
23/02/2002 Diary update. Chris Brown hyperlinks to socials@shcamra.org.uk temporarily removed as Chris does not seem to look at his e-mail & I'm getting the impression that emails are being sent & not seen. Pete
15/01/2002 Diary update + index GBG link fixed + breweries.htm fixed/updated Pete
29/01/2002 Diary update Pete
27/01/2002 Hit counter found to be not working. Image source had become a reference to hit.gif, not the beseen account site. Pete
09/01/2002 Diary update, Dwan photos removed, "(c)2002" Stephen