Web Site History - Archive 2001 and before

18/12/2001 Diary update Pete
10/12/2001 Diary update + header "Last modified" scripts updated Pete
06/12/2001 Improved "Last Modified" java scripts added Stephen
04/12/2001 Hit Counter transferred to new "beseen" account.
Statistics available at:
http://pluto.beseen.com/hitcounter_stats?account=1162530&counter=469966 [This no longer works]
03/12/2001 Diary update + "last modified" scripts back in pending something that works better. Pete
27/11/2001 Non-functional "last modified" scripts removed from index and diary pages. These will be replaced with functional scripts at a later date. Stephen
27/11/2001 Diary update (Docks Walkabout) Stephen
14/11/2001 Banner date fixed Pete
06/11/2001 Diary Update (upload 7/11/01) Pete
03/11/2001 Index: Minor layout & replace Andy credit with Stephen Meats credit & hyperlink

Diary: correct hyperlink + put in two home buttons.

Pete Horn
31/10/2001 Press release (updated) put back in. Banner logo at bottom of index page now refers to next Soton Fest, not Eastleigh. Pete Horn
30/10/2001 Dead links on front page disabled / repaired.

(Press release from SBF 2001 seems to have disappeared. Second link to Eastleigh 2001 was faulty, but now works.)

Stephen Meats
23-25/10/2001 Diary update, Eastleigh Beer of Festival added, Eastleigh staff & tickets removed, new Hop Press, old ones linked back in. History updated Pete Horn
05/10/2001 Eastleigh Beer Fest put in + dairy. Loads of ALT tags written/re- written. Pete Horn
12/09/2001 diary update Pete Horn
24/08/2001 link to Eastleigh Staffing on our website put in. Pete Horn
18/09/2000 diary update Andy Moore
06/08/2000 diary update - including Eastleigh BF date change. Andy Moore