Not so Jolly Sailor!


On 3rd April 2003 the Local Area Committee approved the Jolly Sailor plans. Our campaign is now over, as we have no right of appeal.

We are glad that we ran this campaign against the tide of mis-information generated by Hall & Woodhouse. Firstly, we received enormous support from local residents and Jolly Sailor lovers all over the world (see the petition). We achieved a great deal by forcing Hall & Woodhouse to make many changes to the plans, putting in a lot more thought and consideration into their designs. In the end, they may have planning permission to ruin this lovely two-bar layout of the pub, but it hasn't been in vain as we've stopped them from ruining a whole load else about it as well.


February 2003 - New Plans Submitted

Hall & Woodhouse have re-submitted plans to wreck the interior of the pub. In essence, they are identical to the previous plans with a few minor alterations that take into account some conservation issues that were raised against the previous plans.

The new plans, among other things, propose to do the following to the pub:

  • Completely remove the two existing bars.
  • Build one, smaller bar, against the back wall of the pub.
  • "Spruce up" (i.e. ruin) the interior plaster, brickwork and woodwork through rubbing-down, wire-brushing and sand-blasting.

Jolly Sailor bar plans

Let's be frank: whatever Hall & Woodhouse tell us and the press, they want to turn the pub into a restaurant because it is more profitable. They've ignored the 772-signature petition that we delivered to them in December. They know perfectly well that nobody wants these changes, and have carried on regardless. We need to stop this in its tracks, before it is too late.

Hall & Woodhouse said in a letter to us that they have "no intention" of turning the Jolly Sailor into a restaurant. The evidence however is very much to the contrary:

  • The replacement of 2 bars with one small bar is clearly indicative of a shift of emphasis away from casual drinkers and towards diners.
  • Changes already being made in the pub to the decor and loose fittings are a clear indication of the intention of the proposed changes to layout. Some settles have been removed (apparently the light they'd been "blocking out" for years suddenly became a problem!?) and dining room features are appearing gradually. The new plan shows a "dresser" in the riverside area - probably for cutlery.
  • A previous application to carry out these changes (L/17770/019) had the word "restaurant" written across most of the pub. Although the brewery later claimed this had just been an "architect's mistake" they would only have made plans as instructed by Hall & Woodhouse. This is a clear indication of the real motivation behind these proposals: Profit.
  • The new plans show the removal of a smoke extractor from the riverside area - this is indicative of a change to a non-smoking area which, although not objectionable in itself, is further evidence that the area is intended to favour diners. Or is this just another "architect's mistake"?!

They're trying to wreck the Jolly!

Who was behind this campaign?

This campaign to preserve the Jolly Sailor was started by some regulars of the Jolly Sailor, who also live in Old Bursledon. They contacted the local branch of CAMRA, the Campaign for Real Ale, who immediately agreed to help. Changes to traditional pubs, like those proposed for the Jolly Sailor, are exactly what CAMRA campaigns against - see CAMRA's Manifesto for Pub Preservation for more details. Old Bursledon Action Group is also actively involved in the campaign. The local Parish Council is giving our campaign their full support.

Want to know more?

The following links tell you more about our campaign:

It should be noted that the Jolly Sailor already had planning consent for the following changes to which we have NO objection:
  • Upgrading the kitchen facilities
  • Restoring the beer lift mechanism at the rear of the pub