Web Site History - Archive 2005

01/12/2005 Beerfests update + html Hop Press added. (More formatting required on HP) Pete
20/11/2005 Added details of December 2005 beer bus. Added details of Oak @ Bank's December beer fest. Alex
18/11/2005 Updated Diary & Hop Press (pdf only so far). Pete
16/11/2005 Updated Campaigns page add the Save Gales campaign. Also added this to the navigation and the front page. Alex
09/11/2005 Update to Campaigns page to bring it up-to-date Ian
05/11/2005 Beerfests update Pete
30/10/2005 Diary + Beerfests updates Pete
15/10/2005 Diary updates - added destinations for November Beer Bus, added HBOTY presentation to Oakleaf Brewery and moved October events to the archive. Alex
26/09/2005 Beerfests + Diary updates Pete
01/09/2005 Beerfests + Diary updates Pete
17/08/2005 Beerfests + Diary updates Pete
09/08/2005 Beerfests update + ebf2005 page created & linked to Pete
01/08/2005 Diary update. Pete
28/07/2005 Contacts updated Ian
13/07/2005 SBF/2005/index updated with BoF results. Old index archived. Pete
22/06/2005 Diary update. Pete
14/06/2005 Updated ticket availability on sbf/2005 page Ian
12/06/2005 Updated ticket availability on sbf/2005 page - postal sales closed. Ian
10/06/2005 Updated ticket availability on sbf/2005 page - Friday evening sold out Ian
08/06/2005 Updated ticket availability on sbf/2005 page Ian
06/06/2005 Update BeerFests (Fox & Hounds). Also changed the SBF directions map for the one with the right road names. Pete
06/06/2005 Updated ticket availability again on sbf/2005 page Ian
06/06/2005 Updated ticket availability on sbf/2005 page Ian
05/06/2005 Updated ticket availability on sbf/2005 page Ian
02/06/2005 Updated ticket availability on sbf/2005 page Ian
02/06/2005 Corrected sbf/2005 page so it validates. Removed old events from Diary & BeerFests. PS - that wasn't me yesterday! ;) Pete
01/06/2005 Minor update to the sbf/2005 page. Limited latest news to 3 items. Alex
24/05/2005 Another Beer Festivals update - Wheatsheaf. June 2005 Hop Press added with news item added to front page & news archive. Pete
23/05/2005 Beer Festivals update - Compass Inn. Pete
22/05/2005 Diary update. Pete
16/05/2005 Contacts and diary page update following the branch AGM. Archived old diary entries Alex
06/05/2005 Diary update. Pete
03/05/2005 Hamble Week beer festival commented out. Pete
28/04/2005 Another beer festival added. Moved April's diary entries to the archive. Alex
19/04/2005 Hatchet Inn & Hamble Week beer festivals added. Pete
11/04/2005 Added remaining outlets to the beer festival page. Alex
10/04/2005 Diary update. Minor tweaks to SBF2005 page. Restructured the news archive section. SBF2005 staffing form now available online. PDF of pub reports form added. Alex
07/04/2005 Started adding outlets for SBF tickets. Closing dates for postal tickets added. Ian
05/04/2005 Added HBOTY and HBOTY voting sheet PDFs. Alex
02/04/2005 Added Mill Arms, Dunbridge beer festival to the beerfestivals page. Alex
02/04/2005 Added SBF2005 pre-festival page. Tickets now on sale. Navigation added. Alex
22/03/2005 Added Alton Summer Beer festival to the beerfestivals/ page. Alex
21/03/2005 Updated diary page. Pete
17/02/2005 Updated diary page. Alex
12/01/2005 Updated diary page. Created diary archive page. Rotated history archives. Alex