Web Site History - Archive 2004

14/12/2004 Updated diary page Pete
01/12/2004 Updated diary page (delete expired events) + add Plough + Alton Beerfest to BeerFests Pete
20/11/2004 Fixed some broken links on the site (all external links that are no longer valid. Alex
07/11/2004 Updated diary page. Alex
02/11/2004 Added the diary/beerbus.shtml page, and added a few links to it. Alex
26/10/2004 Eastleigh Beer Festival results added to Home, News & EBF. Pre-fest index page moved to ../ebf2004/pre-festival.shtml . Pete
12/10/2004 Latest Hop Press added to /hop-press/ , and news items re: Hop Press added to main index plus news archive. Pete
05/10/2004 Added the 'Save The Bugle' campaign to our campaigns section.
Added Real Ale In A Bottle to the campaigns page.
Added Pubs Week 2005 to the campaigns section.
Minor tweak to the EBF2004 page ('Staffing' title missing its <h2> and </h2>).
I've also made a whole load of other tweaks on many other pages to generally bring the site up to date.
04/10/2004 Diary update. Pete
29/09/2004 Put latest news thing in the news/index.shtml page. Added Gate beer festival to beerfestivals/ page. Fixed Pete's EBF logo bit on the main page (put in table to stop the <hr> from appearing to the right of the image). Alex
28/09/2004 More EBF updates. Pete
21/09/2004 Beerfests, EBF and home pages updated. Pete
10/09/2004 Diary updated. /ebf2004/ created but not linked as some details missing. Pete
02/09/2004 Diary & Beerfest pages updated (old events deleted). Pete
25/08/2004 Added the Red Shoot Inn's BLO (previously missed off!). Also done a few little tweaks elsewhere in the last week or so. Alex
13/08/2004 Added White Star's new BLO. Added The Plough Inn beer festival to the beerfestivals/ page. Pete
13/08/2004 Stumpy's Brewery added to Contacts: BLO. Pete
12/08/2004 Beer festivals page - Mill Arms pdf flyer added. Diary - old events deleted. Pete
11/08/2004 Updated beer festivals page a little. Pete also added some stuff a few days ago. Fixed problem with one of Pat's email links on the contacts page. Updated the link to North Hants CAMRA's page (as it has moved). Alex
04/08/2004 SWA POTY presentation photos added. Alex
17/07/2004 Added Trusty Servant beer festival to the beerfestivals page. Alex
13/07/2004 Diary Update. Pete
11/07/2004 Updated the following pages: diary, sbf2004, beer festivals, press releases, news archive and front page. Alex
09/07/2004 Diary update - old events deleted. Pete
15/06/2004 Giant "SOLD OUT" stuff for SBF commented out. Ian
03/06/2004 May diary bits deleted and guestbook tidied. Pete
02/06/2004 Various pages updated to reflect that SBF tickets are now sold out. Ian
31/05/2004 Ticket availability updated again... They've almost gone, folks; get yours VERY SOON! Ian
31/05/2004 Ticket availability updated... They're selling out fast folks, get yours SOON! Ian
28/05/2004 Diary page updated - Summer outing moved and SHC POTY presentation added Alex
28/05/2004 Contacts page updated; ticket availability added to SBF 2004 page plus some minor edits. Ian
24/05/2004 html version of May 2004 Hop Press added. Pete
23/05/2004 pdf version of May 2004 Hop Press added. Pete
21/05/2004 Minor edit to SBF tickets page. Ian
10/05/2004 Diary update. Pete
06/05/2004 Contacts document updated with Ray M's email address. Alex
01/05/2004 Public transport guide to GBG2004 updated with new PDF from Ash. Alex
21/04/2004 Photos/sbf2002/index.shtml restored from 03/05/03 backup. Pete
20/04/2004 Beer Festivals page updated with known non-CAMRA fests. (Stile, Hampshire Bowman, Beacon Hill). Plus diary update. Minor subsequent tweaks to beer fests layout by Alex. Pete
11/04/2004 Final SBF2004 ticket outlet added. Link to map for SBF2004 fixed. Some spelling corrected. This year's festival is the EIGHTH - corrected from seventh. Some minor rewording on the SBF2004 page. National pubs week no longer a current campaign. National Pubs Week 2004 added to Previous Campaigns. Note about closure of Jolly Sailor removed from GBG page. Copyright date on disclaimer page altered to include the current year. Ian
09/04/2004 One more SBF 2004 ticket outlet added. Big SBF thing stuck on top of main page and Beer Festivals page. Diary entry for "Friday 15th May" corrected to 14th May. Details of Waterloo Arms beer festival added to beer fests page. Ian
08/04/2004 Diary update. Pete
06/04/2004 One more SBF 2004 ticket outlet added; year in subject line of ticket enquiry &#109;&#97;&#105;&#108;&#116;&#111;&#58; changed to 2004 from 2002 Ian
05/04/2004 Three more SBF 2004 ticket outlets added. Ian
04/04/2004 Copied latest news bits to news archive. Alex
04/04/2004 Southampton Beer Festival tickets available. first outlets added to SBF page; Latest News box on home page updated. Ian
25/03/2004 Download links added to sbf/2004/index for staffing form and posters Pete
23/03/2004 HBOTY2004 online voting added. Updated SBF2004 PDFs (now A4, not Letter). Uploaded HBOTY2004 voting form PDFs. Alex
20/03/2004 March 2004 Hop Press added + minor diary update (Past events deleted). Pete
19/03/2004 Tweaks to the sbf2004 page to make the internal links work better. Alex
15/03/2004 Diary update. Pete
02/03/2004 Restructured history. Fixed a whole load of HTML errors across the site (many pages changed - particularly hop-press, news, campaigns) Ian
01/03/2004 Minor edits to SBF2004 page. Ian
01/03/2004 Minor edits to SBF2004 page, following feedback from Ian Alex
29/02/2004 Southampton Beer Festival 2004 page added to the site and linked into the main page, news page and beer festival page. Also updated the header and footer files. Found that I'd broken some of the photos pages - they're fixed now! Alex
25/02/2004 Minor update to festivals page - SBF dates now confirmed. Ian
23/02/2004 A whole load of updates in the photos, press and news sections. Front page also updated. Alex
16/02/2004 Diary update. Pete
08/02/2004 Diary update. Pete
01/02/2004 Minor correction to details of Musketeer trip on diary page. Ian
25/01/2004 Delete expired diary events. Delete spam guestbook entry. Pete
06/01/2004 Minor updates on the diary page, links and contacts page. Alex
06/01/2004 Diary update. Pete