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Southampton Beer
Festival 2004

The 2004 festival was a great success!

This year's festival was held from 3rd to 5th June 2004. The festival was a great success - so much so that we had to stop advance ticket sales before we opened. We hope that this will continue to encourage people to buy tickets a little earlier next year (they normally go on sale approximately 8 weeks before the festival).

The reason why we had to limit numbers through the door is in order that we didn't run out of beer. This year we had more beer than ever and record attendance.

Beer of the Festival

The results from this year's beer of the festival, as voted by our customers, are as follows:


Overall Winner

        Oakleaf Brewery - Hole Hearted

Standard Strength beers (<= 4.5%)

  1. Roosters Brewery - Hooligan (4.3%)
  2. Stumpy's Brewery - Old Stumpy (4.5%)
  3. Orkney Brewery - Red McGregor (4.0%)

Stronger beers (> 4.5%)

  1. Oakleaf Brewery - Hole Hearted (4.7%)
  2. Hanby Brewery - Cherry Bomb (6.0%)
  3. Orkney Brewery - Skull Splitter (8.5%)