Site History

All entries are in reverse chronological order (i.e. newest first). Previous website history details have been stored in the 2007 Archive, 2006 Archive, 2005 Archive, 2004 Archive, 2003 Archive, 2002 Archive, and 2001 & before Archive.

10/12/2008 Diary and Links page Updates Steve
10/12/2008 Various links to SBF2008 removed. Header links to SBF2009 created & commented out. Pete
05/12/2008 Diary Update Steve
28/11/2008 Creation of locale page and relevant navigation updates Steve
19/11/2008 Slew of minor changes to diary,contacts,links Steve
19/11/2008 Beerfests updates. Pete
14/11/2008 Diary Updates Steve
12/11/2008 Factual updates Re: membership & The Bay Tree to Home index page. Pete
11/11/2008 Winter edition of Hop Press added, with minor update to home index page. Pete
03/11/2008 Diary tidy up. Pete
30/10/2008 Beerfests updates. Pete
19/10/2008 Beerfests updates. Pete
13/10/2008 Diary updates. Steve
06/10/2008 Beerfests and diary updates. Steve
17/09/2008 Beerfests updates. Pete
05/09/2008 Contact Details & Diary updates. Steve
20/08/2008 Beerfests & Diary updates. Pete
01/08/2008 Beerfests update Pete
19/07/2008 Beerfests update Pete
18/07/2008 Beerfests update Pete
09/07/2008 Beerfests & Diary updates Pete & Steve
02/07/2008 Beerfests update Pete
16/06/2008 Many edits to the diary page Pete, Steve & Alex
11/06/2008 Various updates to the included headers, SBF2008, contacts, diary and probably some other pages too. Alex
08/06/2008 Beerfests update. Pete
30/05/2008 Beer Festival page tickets section updated for closure of postal sales and in preparation for transfer of all spare tickets to the Guildhall Ian
21/05/2008 Spring edition of Hop Press added, with minor update to home index page. Pete
12/05/2008 SBF - ticket availability "last updated" date updated. Future minor changes like this will not be recorded here. Ian
02/05/2008 ../sbf/2008/ subfolders & files (& links to) changed to lower case Pete
30/04/2008 Beerfests update. Pete
29/04/2008 SBF - Help Us Advertise section put back in & updated for this year. Pete
27/04/2008 SBF - CAMRA members' discount section added to SBF tickets section Ian
15/04/2008 SBF - tickets now on sale! Ian
10/04/2008 Beerfests & Diary updates Pete
08/04/2008 Diary update and minor changes to SBF. Pete
02/04/2008 Beerfests update. Pete
28/03/2008 Beerfests update. Pete
25/03/2008 Beerfests & diary update. Pete
11/03/2008 Beerfests & diary update. Pete
22/02/2008 SBF2008 added in. Pete
21/02/2008 Added Flower Pots Brewery Alex
20/02/2008 Beer Festivals & Diary updates. Pete
11/02/2008 Beer Festivals & Diary updates. Pete
25/01/2008 Beer Festivals update. Pete
21/01/2008 Beer Festivals update. Pete
15/01/2008 Beer Festivals update. Pete