Web Site History - Archive 2003

19/12/2003 Added note about Jolly Sailor, Bursledon's, temporary closure for refurbishmentand to the Good Beer Guide page Alex
05/12/2003 Minor changes to contacts page Ian
28/11/2003 Updates to the following sections of the site: Diary, Campaigns, Contacts, main page, Includes, News, Press Releases. Basically, I got around to doing all the updates that I've been meaning to do for the last few weeks. Alex
14/11/2003 Diary update. Pete
11/11/2003 Major update to almost all areas of the site. Ian
03/11/2003 EBF ticket page changed to reflect that the festival is over and that ticket purchase would really not be the most sensible thing. Similar change made to main Eastleigh page. Ian
27/10/2003 Minor alterations to EBF tickets page. Ian
15/10/2003 Finished updating diary page. Alex
15/10/2003 Updated the contacts and GBG pages. Alex
10/10/2003 Linked in the EBF2003 staffing form PDF. Alex
07/10/2003 Removed the GBBF link and image from the navigation bar. Alex
07/10/2003 Added Stones to EBF2003 ticket outlets "available" list Ian
07/10/2003 Added the October 2003 edition of Hop Press. Stuff added to the 'News Archive' page. Front page 'Latest Info' section updates. Alex
06/10/2003 Added another outlet to EBF2003 tickets page. Ian
02/10/2003 Added outlet to EBF2003 tickets page. Ian
01/10/2003 Minor changes to EBF2003 tickets page. Ian
19/09/2003 Band details added to EBF2003. Pete
17/09/2003 Added 'Eastleigh 2003' to navigation bar. Alex
05/09/2003 EBF2003 updated as far as is possible at the moment. Pete
02/09/2003 Diary & Beer Festivals update. Full EBF update still needed. Pete
12/08/2003 Diary update and a couple of other tweaks. Alex
23/07/2003 Diary update Pete
22/07/2003 Edition 3 (June 2003) of GBG Public Transport Guide made available (in pdf format only). Stephen
22/07/2003 Diary update - added details of the Oakleaf Trip. Added Oakleaf Brewery directions page. Alex
08/07/2003 Diary update. Pete
01/07/2003 Removed old diary entry from diary page. Alex
28/06/2003 Added name tag to beer festivals (general) page without wrecking everything else! Pete
26/06/2003 Corrected beer festivals (general) page to reflect that Southampton 2003 is now in the past. Moved the Jolly Sailor Preservation Campaign (Campaigns page) out of "current campaigns" and into "previous campaigns", correcting it to past tense in the process and adding a link to the Hop Press article on that subject. Ian
25/06/2003 Archived SBF2003 pre-festival page to /sbf/2003/pre-festival.shtml. The /sbf/2003/ page is now a post-festival page (with results moved from the front page. Front page latest items shortened. Most recent front page latest entry added to the news page. Alex
25/06/2003 Diary update + name tag added on Festivals page (SW Arms Beer Fest) Pete
24/06/2003 Soton 2003 Beer of The Festival Results added to index.shtml. Beer Festivals Page updated to put Soton 2003 in the past. Soton Beer Festival Removed from Navigation Bar. Stephen
09/06/2003 Diary update - removed all out of date events. Alex
07/06/2003 Noted all of my typos that Ina (!) had noticed. Added / edited the 'why couldn't I get tickets' bit at the bottom of the page. Alex
06/06/2003 Corrected the spelling of "chronological" on this page. ;-)

Corrected typo in beer festivals "your questions answered" section (Beers marked "nor [sic] ready") which also made its way into the printed festival programme, where sadly even using this modern technology I am unable to remedy the error.
05/06/2003 Added HBOTY press release. Alex
05/06/2003 Beer Festival tickets sold out. Ian
05/06/2003 Added pre-SBF2003 press release to the site. Alex
30/05/2003 Update to SBF2003 tickets section to reflect postal applications no longer being accepted. Contacts page updated. Ian
27/05/2003 Diary update + expired beer fests removed from Beer Festivals page, and name tag added to Royal Oak festival (link from diary page). Pete
27/05/2003 Added the Hampshire Downs Beer Festival to the beer festivals page. Alex
18/05/2003 Added the South Western Arms's POTY 2003 victory to the front page of the site and the news page. Alex
12/05/2003 Replaced a couple of 2002's with 2003's on the SBF 2003 page. Updated the campaigns section in order to make the JS campaign more up-to-date and stop people continuing to sign the petition (600 signatures seems a good place to stop too!). Alex
12/05/2003 New Javascript popup added to hop-press6.shtml, with popup.shtml in includes folder. Pete
07/05/2003 Updated SBF 2003 ticket sales section to include note about Fri lunch. A few typo corrections to the latest Hop Press Plus some very minor reformatting to make the spacings between sections consistent. Ian
04/05/2003 Updated beer festivals page. Added GBBF 2003 and GBBF2003 logo to the navigation bars. Fixed some broken links. Need to do a check to confirm that all pages are valid HTML, as displayed (haven't done one for a while). Alex
03/05/2003 Updated every single page on the site in order to make the pages valid HTML if the includes don't work (basically, moved the BODY start tag and BODY & HTML end tags into the individual source files, and out of the includes. This will also allow Pete to do the script magic that he was playing with earlier today. Still need to fix the style sheet making the entire site look shite if the include fails. Alex
30/04/2003 Brief diary update. Pete
29/04/2003 April 2003 Hop Press added. Added to latest news on Home index. Pete
29/04/2003 Updated the ticket outlets for SBF2003: all tickets now distributed. Ian
24/04/2003 Further updates made to the Public Transport Guide. I think this completes the changes needed for the time being. I have omitted Ash's phone number from this version. Stephen
18/04/2003 Removed the link to the old Guestbook (to stop it being added to!) and copied contents to archive.shtml and linked to this. Pete
16/04/2003 Updated the "Service Index" section of the Public Transport Guide. I will update other sections at a later date. Stephen
15/04/2003 Added details of the South Western Arms' beer festival to the beer festivals page. Alex
12/04/2003 Added some local beer festivals to the beerfestivals page. Stephen
12/04/2003 Updated the ticket outlets for SBF2003 that now have tickets. Updated the Southampton Tourist Information phone number (it has changed). Ian
12/04/2003 Updated a whole load of the site:
  • Launched Southampton Beer Festival 2003 page.
  • Updated front page.
  • Removed the navigation bar links to the Jolly Sailor Campaign, and added one to SBF2003.
  • Updated the campaigns page, making Pubs Week a 'Previous Campaign'. Need to add another (Mild Month) and move JS to previous.
  • Updated the news index.
  • Minor tweak in the press releases index.
  • Linked SBF2003 page from the diary page.
11/04/2003 Updated the Mike King start time on the diary page and put my phone number on the contacts page. Ian
03-04/04/2003 Jolly Sailor planning results :-( + Diary Update Pete
19/03/2003 Correction of Royal Oak date of Beer Festivals page from 2002 to 2003 Stephen
13/03/2003 Diary Update Pete
16/02/2003 Diary Update Alex
01/02/2003 Diary Update Alex
24/01/2003 Added regional meeting to the diary page. Added details of pubs week to the diary page - added the pubs week social and edited the pub crawl details. Added pubs week information to the campaigns page. Minor tweak to the headers in order that pages with not much content on look better in large browser windows (simply applied an existing stylesheet type to a table cell). Minor tweak to the wording of the errors page. Added a CAMRA logo to the "CAMRA's Mission" section of the main page. Pete updated some details on the GBG2003 public transport guide. Minor changes to the news and GBG pages. Checked site for broken links and valid HTML. Fixed the link to South West Trains on the links page. Southampton CC trading standards link currently timing out - will re-check in a couple of days. Added "Public Transport Guide" under the "Good Beer Guide" bit of the navigation bar. Alex
23/01/2003 Launched public transport guide to South Hants GBG2003 pubs. Added links to links page, news page and main page. Updated the includes to feature the GBG section on the navigation bar. Alex
19/01/2003 Added data to public transport guide under /test Stephen
16/01/2003 Diary Update Pete
08/01/2003 Updated the copyright year on the disclaimer and includes to 2003. Made changes to the site's CSS and the includes, in order to make more use of CSS features, and therefore have more efficient source (pages checked to work fine without CSS present). Updated the news index. Removed photos from SBF2002 area (now under photos). Various Jolly Sailor Campaign changes (within the last month). Moved breweries under links page. Removed 'breweries' from navigation bar. Set up redirection to links/#brewers from breweries/. Alex
05/01/2003 Diary Update + Hop Presses edited to remove out of date links etc. Pete