Web Site History - Archive 2007

05/12/2007 Beer Festivals & Diary updates. Pete
12/11/2007 November Hop Press added. Pete
11/11/2007 Removed the "Latest Information" bit on the front page, as it is always *so* out of date. Alex
29/10/2007 Beer Festivals updated with Whitchurch Beer Festival. Pete
15/10/2007 Updated diary and Beer Bus page to re-integrate the Beer Bus. Alex
09/10/2007 Diary update Pete
02/10/2007 Diary update Pete
28/09/2007 Beerfests updated Pete
06/09/2007 Beerfests updated Pete
03/09/2007 Diary & Beerfests updated Pete
26/08/2007 Diary & Beerfests updated Pete
13/08/2007 Diary & Beerfests updated Pete
17/07/2007 Updated Beer festivals page with Cartwheel, Whitsbury details. Removed Southampton 2006 from the navigation. Alex
17/07/2007 Diary & Beerfests updated Pete
10/07/2007 Guestbook stupid entry filter modified Pete
06/07/2007 Diary & Beerfests updated Pete
13/06/2007 SBF results summary added. Beerfests & Diary updated Pete
09/06/2007 SBF tickets section updated - all tickets sold out. Ian
07/06/2007 HBOTY2007 press release added. Press index updated. News page and front page updated too. Alex
06/06/2007 SBF tickets section updated. Ian
25/05/2007 2007 public transport guide pdf added, links edited. Pete
23/05/2007 Issue 62 Hop Press added with updates to home + news. Pete
18/05/2007 Updates to SBF, Beerfests and Diary. Pete
14/05/2007 Out of date Photos removed. Link to Beer Reports Forms page put in headers. Pete
05/05/2007 Southampton Beer Festival ticket availability update. Ian
30/04/2007 Beer Festivals + Diary update. Pete
30/04/2007 Waterloo selling SBF tickets again Ian
27/04/2007 BobLin page - Pat and June replaced by Brian and Rose ;-) Ian
27/04/2007 Souuthampton [sic] beer festival moved to Southampton on main index page. Alex
22/04/2007 SBF page updated to reflect lack of tickets in the Waterloo. Ian
19/04/2007 SBF page updated with help us advertise stuff. Pete
14/04/2007 Corrected a howler on the beer fests page - it's not Sat 3rd June! Ian
10/04/2007 Beer Festivals update - all outlets now have tickets. Ian
10/04/2007 Beer Festivals update. Pete
09/04/2007 Southampton Beer Festival update, more tickets on sale; postage rates table added. Ian
07/04/2007 Southampton Beer Festival update, tickets on sale. Ian
31/03/2007 Diary & Beer Festivals update. Pete
24/03/2007 SBF page updated to reflect that you can write in now for tickets if you like. Ian
08/03/2007 SBF pages updated. Pete
19/02/2007 Diary & Beer Festivals update. Pete
14/02/2007 Diary & Beer Festivals update. Pete
07/02/2007 Relaced all the © symbols with © so that they don't appear as question marks. Pete
23/01/2007 Press releases updated and Campaigns taken out. Pete
22/01/2007 Diary Update. Pete
16/01/2007 Beer Bus page updated to refer to the Beer Bus' own website http://www.beerbus.org.uk/. References to the Beer Bus from various parts of the site have been removed, although historical links have been left pointing at the current Beer Bus page. Beer Bus link added to the links page. A couple of links on the links page have been update / fixed. Removed my "070..." number from the site. Alex
03/01/2007 Updates to all pages Re: Hedge End Beer Festival. Diary update. Pete