Site History

All entries are in reverse chronological order (i.e. newest first). Previous website history details have been stored in the 2008 Archive, 2007 Archive, 2006 Archive, 2005 Archive, 2004 Archive, 2003 Archive, 2002 Archive, and 2001 & before Archive.

18/12/2009 Beerfests update. Mild update + put in alphabetical order by pub name Pete
17/12/2009 Completed the integration of the forum within the site. Unfortunately, I can't use includes to include the header, footer and navigation into the forum, so this means that we'll have to update it manually if we change the site... :-(! Alex
08/12/2009 Diary and Beer Festivals updates. Various (a huge number of) fixes of non-compliant XHTML 1.0 source Alex
08/12/2009 Launched new site. Major updates include: restructuring, moving everything to PHP, consolitating, etc. Alex
07/12/2009 Beerfests update Pete
02/12/2009 Minor addition to sbf/2010 Pete
18/11/2009 Archive old Diary Entries and added HBotY results Steve
09/11/2009 Hop Press 67 added. Links - Breweries updated with 1 improved logo, 2 new ones & adding link for Red Shoot. Pete
05/11/2009 Diary update - archived old entries & added Beer Train. Alex
27/10/2009 Diary update - archived old entries Mich
20/10/2009 Updates to contacts and LocAle pages Alex
20/10/2009 Beerfests (Varsity) update, plus diary archived. Pete
09/10/2009 Beerfests (Varsity) update. Pete
06/10/2009 Beerfests -Guide Dog & Octoberfest Mich
06/10/2009 Beerfests (Bursledon BF) update. Pete
04/10/2009 Diary update - archived old entries Mich
24/09/2009 Beerfests (Weyhill Fair) update. Pete
08/09/2009 Additional Diary update Mich
05/09/2009 Beerfests (Cuckoo) update. Pete
03/09/2009 Diary update - archived old stuff and added the Peartree Beer Festival Planning Meeting. Alex
03/09/2009 Beerfests & Mild update. Pete
23/08/2009 Diary update - archived old stuff and added the Triple fff Charity Open Day. Added 100,000 members logo to the front page and updated our member numbers. Alex
21/08/2009 Beerfests update. Pete
19/08/2009 Additional Diary update Mich
18/08/2009 IoW map added and old diary entries archived Steve
10/08/2009 Additional Diary update Mich
27/07/2009 Beerfests update. Pete
20/07/2009 Beerfests update. Pete
15/07/2009 Beerfests update inc setting up SBF2010 page and undating includes links. Pete
13/07/2009 Addition Diary update Mich
12/07/2009 Addition Diary update Mich
09/07/2009 A name censorship to June 2007 Hop Press
Plus 2 beerfests added
08/07/2009 'Wagon Works' spelling correction in diary + July 4th event archived
Beerfests update
04/07/2009 Addition Diary update Mich & Steve
03/07/2009 Addition to Beerfests (Colden Common) Pete
29/06/2009 Independents day details updated in social diary Steve
29/06/2009 Date corrections to Diary Pete
27/06/2009 Event details added to diary Steve
07/06/2009 Added details to the contact page Alex
05/06/2009 Diary updated Steve
26-31/05/2009 Various Southampton Beer Festival-related updates Pete & Alex
20/05/2009 Beerfests updated with Ale at Amberley reinstated ;-) and Cricketers added Pete
14/05/2009 Beerfests updated with Ale at Amberley Pete
13-14/05/2009 Various updates to various bits of the site. Moved hecbf/ folder to under beerfestivals/. Ran link Xenu's link checked on the site to validate the site. Alex
13/05/2009 Mild page added with updates to includes plus main index page Pete
11/05/2009 Diary Updated Steve
05/05/2009 Diary Updated Steve
30/04/2009 Hop Press issue 66 added Pete
28/04/2009 Beerfests update + SBF update 29/04/09 Pete
15/04/2009 One addition to diary (SBF leafleting) + move old events from Diary & Beerfests Pete
15/04/2009 Contacts page update. Fixed a trivial typo on the diary page. Alex
12/04/2009 Social Diary update Steve
07/04/2009 Beerfests update Pete
30/03/2009 SBF update for ticket sales + beerfests update Pete
21/03/2009 Minor diary and locale updates Steve
23/03/2009 SBF update for postal ticket sales Pete
17/03/2009 Breweries map added to links page Steve
16/03/2009 New non-CAMRA festivals added. Steve
12/03/2009 GBG2007 public transport guide removed. Remove links to it on the navigation too. Updated GBG page image to the 2009 version. Alex
11/03/2009 Diary entries updated Steve
09/03/2009 Diary entries archived Steve
24/02/2009 Brewery visits added to social diary. Brewery Links updated. Steve
23/02/2009 Beerfests update. Ventnor Brewery link disabled, Yates Brewery link created Pete
13/02/2009 Meeting Diary updated Steve
11/02/2009 SBF 2009 created, linked to from Beer Festivals, Diary & sidebar menu. Pete
04/02/2009 Diary updates Steve
04/02/2009 Minor diary updates - semi colons added to beer bus destinations lists & part of May 25th entry commented out Pete
01/02/2009 Diary updates Steve
16/01/2009 Diary updates Steve
14/01/2009 Diary and site navigation updates Steve