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From:Alex Presland
Date:Fri Oct 18 01:48:05 2002
Message:  This guestbook is now no longer being used. Please follow
 the link above to the new guestbook, which is integrated
 with our site.
From:Pete Horn
Date:Sun Oct 6 12:05:43 2002
Message:  Re:George Fletcher. If we put a list of pubs on the website
 not a bad idea) it would be the Good Beer Guide pubs in our
 area so would still have the same 6 Southampton pubs in it.
 If the area you were visiting didn't have any pubs listed
 it is because they didn't reach Good Beer Guide standards.
 If you have comments on any pub in the South Hants branch
 area, please email them to
From:George Fletcher
Date:Thu Sep 19 09:55:57 2002
Message:  Nice site but you can't promote real ale without listing
 the places where it's available. I'm coming down to
 Southampton soon. Only 6 pubs listed in the Good Beer
 Guide - none near where I will be - useless!
 Get your list onto the web.
Date:Tue Aug 27 23:15:44 2002
Message:  Re: last year's enquiry about the Compton Arms, Stoney
 I went to this pub once in the mid 80's. It was a hot sunny
 afternoon & I was cycling. It was actually the Compton Arms
 Hotel so the door was open although the bar was closed -
 afternoon closing time (bad old days). It was quite an
 upmarket hotel & although I was only wearing cut-off jeans
 & sandals, they invited me to relax in the garden while
 waiting for opening time. "Would you like some tea while
 you're waiting Sir?" The bar opened at 5 o'clock and it was
 good. A lovely place.
 Sadly the Hotel closed soon afterwards and it is now a
 Little Chef or similar establishment with a red sign.
 I don't know of any other Compton Arms in the New Forest.
 Pete Horn
From:Alex Presland
Date:Sat Aug 24 23:52:20 2002
Message:  Royal Oak and other local Good Beer Guide pubs' beer
 festivals added to the site (follow link above).
From:Royal Oak Fritham
Date:Wed May 29 12:39:33 2002
Message:  Just to let you all know, that our annual beer festival,
 will be on friday night, all day saturday and sunday, the
 20th 21st 22nd of september 2002. lots of interesting beers
 entertainment food etc. will post further details later,
 look forward to seeing you.
From:Alex Presland
Date:Sun Apr 14 00:14:03 2002
Message:  Pete Horn, Stephen Meats and I have completed a whole host
 of back-end changes. We are no longer hosted by freenetname
 as we failed to dial in for a 30 day period - thanks!
 However, the domain is now properly hosted and we are able
 to do a whole load more than before. We are now only using
 the domain, so if you are using anything
 with the domain, please replace this with Redirection is in place to aid the
From:Pete Horn
Date:Sat Oct 6 09:18:47 2001
Message:  The CAMRA South Hampshire Branch web site is now
 administered by Pete Horn And Stephen Meats. Please note
 the new e-mail addresses. ( rather than ). Web address remains the same.
Date:Thu Aug 16 18:52:16 2001
Message:  Further to my messages about the King Rufus pub in Eling, I
 wish to draw fellow beer-drinkers' attention to the
 Bierfest to be held there over the August Bank Holiday
 weekend, 24-27th August. If there's anyone out there who's
 interested, give a bell to Peter or Terrie at the King
 Rufus - it's 02380 868899.
 See you there - perhaps?
From:Les Millgate (
Date:Sun Mar 25 16:51:05 2001
Message:  Is there still a Compton Arms Hotel at Stoney Cross? I can
 find no mention of it nowadays. Any other 'Compton Arms' in
 the New Forest?
 Can some kind person email me the answer?
 Thanks - Les Millgate Cambridge Branch
Date:Wed Jan 31 23:57:44 2001
Message:  .......Jack the Lad it was. AND Peter is getting another
 barrel in.
Date:Wed Jan 24 00:56:51 2001
Message:  Or was that Jack the Lad?
Date:Mon Jan 22 00:29:36 2001
Message:  Pub: King Rufus, Eling
 Beer: Lively Lad
 Verdict: Too good not to spread the news.
Date:Tue Dec 26 09:53:25 2000
Message:  Yes Terry, your message has been received - why did you
 think it wouldn't be ?
From:Terry Hunt
Date:Fri Dec 22 11:41:35 2000
Message:  This is a probably vain (in both senses) attempt to send a
 message, which I'm not supposed to be able to do. If it
 worked, let me know next time you see me!
From:albert groin
Date:Tue May 30 12:47:12 2000
URL: [Link removed as it no longer works]
Message:  Hello. Albert Groin here. Please visit my site to see me and
 my friends enjoying a few beers.
From:Dave Jones - Sec-RAT-ary - Real Ale Tasting Society - [R.A.T.S.]
Date:Fri May 12 12:48:18 2000
URL: [Link no longer works -- Ed]
Message:  Many thanks for sending me the info on your forthcoming
 Beer Festival ... much appreciated. See you on the Friday
 lunchtime session all being well :o)
 Real Ale Tasting Society - [R.A.T.S.]
 Llantrisant Old Town - Mid Glamorgan
From:stephen meats
Date:Mon May 8 21:33:56 2000
Message:  Does anyone fancy a pint?
From:Andy Moore
Date:Thu Apr 13 06:48:44 2000
Message:  Please feel free to say whatever you like in this guest book