Branch Boundary

There is often confusion as to where the exact branch boundary runs. To address this, the following paragraphs describe it:

The branch boundary starts by following the Hampshire / Dorset border north from the coast, until it reaches the A30. It then runs south of the A30, but doesn't include any properties actually on the A30, until it reaches Sutton Scotney. At Sutton Scotney the boundary then goes straight towards the south of Totford putting Wonston, Totford, and Micheldever, outside the branch. Beyond Totford it arcs south to take in Bighton and meets the A31 at the eastern edge of Bishop's Sutton.

From Bishops Sutton it goes due south until it meets the A32, which it follows just west of (again, not including any properties on the A32) until just north of Wickham. From there, it runs to the west of Wickham (leaving Wickham outside the branch area) before running due west to meet the River Hamble at Curbridge (Curbridge is within the branch area). From here, the boundary follows the River Hamble southwards until it reaches the sea, to complete the easterly boundary of the branch.

A full map of our boundary is below.