Put the Branch Diary in your calendar

There is a file format called iCalendar. You don't need to know how it works, but it is a format designed to exchange information about events that have a time and place.

Our technical bods have taken the information from the diary page and made one of these files. It's automatically updated whenever an event is added or updated on the diary page. The really good thing is that the end user (you!) will always have the latest information, right in your chosen calendar application.

To add a subscription to your Google Calendar account simply click this button: Click Here to subscribe.  If this doesn't work, please have a look at the help provided by Google.

To add this calendar to your iPhone, you can follow these instructions, giving the URL as shown below.

Other calendar applications such as Yahoo!, Hotmail, Outlook.com or Microsoft Outlook, have a "Subscribe" or "Add by URL" option. If so, just give them this: