Eastleigh Beer Festival Staffing

Please send any correspondence to:

     Rachel Quinn, Flat 11 Vinery House, 154 Winchester Road, Shirley, Southampton, SO16 6UE
     Phone number: 023 8078 9199 or email staffing@shantscamra.org.uk  

If you can help on any of the sessions listed below (or even part of a session) please let us know in advance either by email as above, or by post. If posting, you may download a staffing form (pdf format -197KB).


Wednesday 20th October  20.00 - 22.30
We normally can't get into the Nightingale Centre until after the Ladies Keep Fit session has ended, then it's all hands to setting up the stillage & racking the beer. (One or two people are also needed during the day to accept deliveries & keep an eye on the equipment & beer waiting outside.)

Thursday 21st October  09.30 - 18.30pm
Preparation continues preparing the beer, arranging bars, tables, chairs, stalls etc. & making it look like a proper beer festival. 

Friday 22nd October   09.30 - 12.00
Food preparation, putting up signs, tapping the beer & getting ready for opening at noon.

Open Sessions

Friday 22nd October  12.00 - 15.30  +  1830 - 2300
Please turn up 30 minutes beforehand. We'll have a few drinks after the evening session closes as well as the samples we have while working.

Saturday 23rd October  12.00 - 16.00  +  1830 - 2300
Please turn up 30 minutes beforehand. We'll try to give everyone a two hour break between sessions and after the festival we have a party that carries on to the early hours of the morning. (Many people sleep over until Sunday.)

Take Down

Sunday 24th October  ??.??  - 12.00
Takedown starts Saturday night and continues Sunday morning. We have the hall clear by midday and later on we reconvene in the Waterloo Arms, Freemantle, Southampton for a good wind down session.

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