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Things like web addresses, Facebook page names etc. can change and it is difficult to keep track. Below are a selection of pubs that have not been checked recently. There will be links to open the stored urls but editing must be done in the individual record for now.

New Forest and West (Waterside) — Eling
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1 Eling Sailing Club, Eling  

Eling Sailing Club, Eling
Eling Hill, Eling, SO40 9HF
(023) 8086 3987
Hours: Closed Mon; 8-11 Tue; Closed Wed-Thu; 8-11 Fri; 1-4 Sat; Closed Sun
Email: (publish:yes)
EmailSource: website & facebook
Last checked 04/12/2021
Facebook: 432420470225777
Twitter: ElingSC1937
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